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Clay by Salto Wireless Locking System

Clay is the easy cloud-based wireless locking system. Watch the clay video here. 

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ABUS Wireless CCTV Kit

The ABUS TVAC15000 kit contains everything that you need to quickly set up a wireless video surveillance system for the home or small office (from 1 up to 4 cameras).

The set contains a 2.4 GHz wireless monitor and an IR wireless outdoor camera with a PIR motion sensor. The camera allows you to transmit video signals wirelessly over medium to large distances and display them on the monitor easily. Wireless signal transmission is an advantage everywhere where cables cannot be laid.
Interference and disturbances are reduced significantly as the video data is converted to digital signals, which enable a good range and transmission quality. The data is also encrypted to ensure that the transmission path is protected. When the PIR sensor detects movement it starts recording to the SD card for review whenever required.

You have the option of connecting up to 4 cameras (TVAC15010) to the monitor and showing them in a quadruple display. The camera and wireless monitor create a perfectly matched team – making setup quick and easy.

Due to the simple installation and the compact design, this ABUS Wireless CCTV kit is recommended as a DIY product for basic home video surveillance applications, such as monitoring of the front door or driveway.

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