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For 40 years, our focus on high security keying technology has seen the company grow to where it is today - the industry leader in master keying technology. From small retail tenancies, to multi storey apartment complexes, sporting arenas, broad-acre plants and national defence projects, a diverse base of over 15,000 clients stands testimony to our ability to fulfil works of unlimited scope.

Access Control

Access control is now an essential component in protecting your facility, maintaining business continuity and ensuring customer safety. An access control system empowers you to swiftly and easily: 

  • Add, modify or delete user access 
  • Download audit trails
  • Generate system reports via management software for comprehensive site security reviews

Whether you require a fully networked solution or stand alone control for one door, implementing an access control system to your facility will help your organisation maintain security, integrity and control user access in several ways with many associated benefits. 

Secure company assets
Limit critical area access to people with a designated need. Program common areas for unlimited access. Update effortlessly as circumstances change.

Manage Security from One location

Link multiple facility systems to a central server so that you can monitor access points and manage user databases from one location.You can even manage your Access Control system through a web portal. Read more about Salto Access Control here.

Cost effective ownership

Technology improvements like smartcard swipe cards, battery powered locksets, wireless networks and even electronic cylinders are just a few of the features that now make access control systems easier and more affordable to install, run, modify and expand.

Reduce the dependency on keys and locks that may constantly need to be changed or replaced when users arrive, gain new access rights or leave.

Easy to use software, reduced cabling and inexpensive programming can all dramatically lower the cost of managing your facility and keeping it secure. With an access control system, you have the power, flexibility and control.

Expanding Functionality
Access control now does much more than just determining who goes where. Today’s technology also lets you incorporate Time In Attendance, Loyalty Rewards, Vending and many other applications that you may not have thought possible.

Effective Bespoke Solutions
Every way you look at it, access control gives you power, flexibility and control. Through our expertise we can show how you to get the most from an access control system designed to suit your specific requirements, budget and environment.

An Omega representative can meet you on site to assess your current facility or work very closely with your architect and project manager to design a comprehensive off-the-plan solution.

So whether it’s an upgrade to your existing premises or a new building going to tender, we can help you design and prepare with detailed floor plans and costed security schedules.

Salto Access Control:
Our flagship access control system is Salto. If you are looking for a system that is incredibly smart, secure, user friendly and cost effective to implement then you need look no further than the Salto SVN. Using Salto, Omega can design and deliver the perfect solution, tailored to your exact requirements to provide you with all the security, convenience and control you need.

To find out more about our work with Salto, simply click here.

Learn more about our Access Controls solutions through our work with clients:

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