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For 40 years, our focus on high security keying technology has seen the company grow to where it is today - the industry leader in master keying technology. From small retail tenancies, to multi storey apartment complexes, sporting arenas, broad-acre plants and national defence projects, a diverse base of over 15,000 clients stands testimony to our ability to fulfil works of unlimited scope.


Australian Lock Company Pty Ltd has manufactured the award winning BiLock Maximum Security locking system for almost two decades. Recipient of Australian Design Awards for both the Standard and Quick Change Core ranges and the Telstra & Australian Governments National Small Business of the Year and National Manufacturer of the Year Awards, the Australian Lock Company has established genuine global credibility as a lock system manufacturer of the highest quality and integrity.

The exceptional BiLock Quick Change Core (QCC) remains an integral feature to New Generation BiLock, ensuring system flexibility and long term economy for high security locking. Fortunately there are few products that simply cannot incorporate the QCC feature in the New Generation range.

The QCC provides the unique ability to recombinate or change lock access within seconds. It is no longer necessary to remove the entire cylinder door hardware for a compromised area to be secured. With New Generation QCC the interchangeable core can be easily removed, recombinated and reinstalled in seconds using the unique white colour coded QCC removal key. To further enhance security, cores can be interchanged between any of the wide range of New Generation BiLock products which are QCC compatible.

QCC has revolutionised the securing of installations and offers extraordinary convenience in any situation where quick, easy changes are essential. For example, where there are large glass entry doors with patched fittings, it is no longer necessary to go to the expense and inconvenience of removing the door from its hinges. Simply remove the core of the lock with the QCC tool key and replace it with another or re-key the lock! Once often taking hours... this job now takes only minutes!

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Construction Keying

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