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Clay by Salto Wireless Locking System

Clay is the easy cloud-based wireless locking system. Watch the clay video here. 

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Clay by Salto

“Clay is the easy wireless cloud-based locking solution”

Clay by SALTO is the easy, secure cloud-based wireless locking system for small and medium sized enterprises. Revolutionary in design, usability and features. Watch our video below:

Clay is a cloud-based electronic locking solution for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) that greatly enhances users' flexibility in access management.

Clay's real-time reporting to the clay app brings together control and convenience by combining an intuitive software platform with high-quality and well-designed hardware that is easy and quick to install. All of this in a user centred pay-per-use model.

This is a ground-breaking product that brings wireless electronic access control to SMEs, providing vastly better functionality and performance than is possible in a traditional mechanical solution with a flexible management system that requires no software installation nor the cost of a fully-wired electronic product.

Omega can implement Clay quickly and efficiently at your site without the need for any IT infrastructure. The solution is totally wireless and cloud based.

Clay by Salto locking system can operate alongside existing Salto infrastructure, and there is also some limited scope for integration between Clay and Salto systems.

Omega can offer a number of other 'APP based' security solutions in the Access Control, Alarm and CCTV sector, that allow small too medium business to have fantastic security outcomes with little or no IT infrastructure investment.

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