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For 40 years, our focus on high security keying technology has seen the company grow to where it is today - the industry leader in master keying technology. From small retail tenancies, to multi storey apartment complexes, sporting arenas, broad-acre plants and national defence projects, a diverse base of over 15,000 clients stands testimony to our ability to fulfil works of unlimited scope.

Building & Construction

Effectively managing construction site security means controlling costs. There are many aspects to construction & building site security. Omega Security Solutions can assist with the following:
  • Construction Keying
  • Video Surveillance (CCTV
  • Alarm Systems
  • Security Guards & Patrols

Construction Keying

Construction keying keeps your site secure and reduces costs!

  • How often have you experienced security breaches or careless damage during the often lengthy construction phases that have ultimately cost the project both time and money?
  • Are you familiar with the frustration of having to re-clean or repair areas of a site before handover because contractors have gained access to completed areas and caused mess or damage?
  • Have you had equipment fittings and fixtures go missing from a site once they have been delivered and installed? 
  • Who has access to where? 
  • Is your site secure?

The solution is a tiered Bilock construction keying system from Omega Security Solutions.

BiLock QCC Construction Keying

Omega Security Solutions.Together with the Australian Lock Company, Omega Security Solutions has offered the building sector an added feature known as 'construction keying' which has afforded builders and end users a significantly enhanced ability to maintain a site's security from initial lock up to handover.

Something as simple as colour coding to differentiate the level of access during the construction phase offers the developer or builder a genuine, added dimension when using QCC in security during construction.

Where to start at the construction site:

  • The door hardware is fitted with the appropriate BiLock Quick Change Core (QCC) cylinder and installed to suit the door/building schedule.
  • The construction cores are either keyed alike or keyed to differ in accordance with the builder's requirements.
  • These 'construction' cores are either purchased or rented by the builder to better control security during construction and keep keying costs within budget; no need to install and remove complete hardware or even cylinders with BiLock's colour coded construction keying system.
Three Tiers... Then Handover

Developed by Omega Security Solutions, it is simply a three tiered system of access using blue, green and red inserts:
Phase 1: The "Blue" level
The blue coloured insert is used during the initial general construction stage of the project through to completion of the shell. For instance, access may be limited to say various trades such as carpenters, plumbers etc. 
Phase 2: The "Green" level
By simply removing the core and replacing it with a new core containing the green insert, the developer/builder will then be covered through to lock-up stage and/or finishing trades. For instance, access may be limited to say, electricians and plasterers.
Phase 3: The "Red" level
Again, by simply removing the "green" core and replacing with a new core containing the red insert, these locks take the developer/builder through to completion of finished trades and/or through the defects period and on to actual handover to the tenant/owner/s. For instance, access may be limited to say, painters and decorators.
Phase 4: Occupant takes ownership 
Again, by simply removing the core containing the red insert and replacing it with the end user master keyed core, the building is now secured to a completely new level. The builder no longer has access and you have inherited your new key system which is now fully operational.
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