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For 40 years, our focus on high security keying technology has seen the company grow to where it is today - the industry leader in master keying technology. From small retail tenancies, to multi storey apartment complexes, sporting arenas, broad-acre plants and national defence projects, a diverse base of over 15,000 clients stands testimony to our ability to fulfil works of unlimited scope.


The education sector has long relied on security keying and quality door hardware to stand up to the rigours of frequent use and abuse. Until recently, master key systems had been commonplace at all education facilities and with keys frequently lost or stolen, re-keying costs and inconvenience have always been close at hand. With the introduction and smart integration of Salto access control, Bilock master keying, and CCTV school security cameras, Omega has been able to revolutionise the educational sector.

Omega can now implement a truly integrated electronic and mechanical school security system which will rid you of the constant burden of trying to issue and control access via keys alone. We can show you how you can swipe a physical key at an access control door. We can also eliminate the need for re-keying your facility which are commonplace and can add up to tens of thousands of dollars each time. Best of all, you can effectively take control of your security and manage the access of all teachers, contractors and after hours public users by issuing one credential only! And this is all done by the click of a button in your management software.

New and innovative features like BioCote technology, school Lockdown capability, and wireless locks are all exciting additions to the Omega education sector offerings. 

 Watch this video for information on antimicrobial / antibacterial technology in the access control market for the Education sector.  

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