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In what could be the shape of things to come, the antimicrobial classroom - Full Story Here

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World’s first fully antimicrobial classroom secured by SALTO

In what could be the shape of things to come, SALTO is now securing access to what is believed to be the world’s first ever antimicrobial classroom at a Primary school in Hertfordshire, UK.

When it comes to the health of young children at school, a mild upset tummy for a day or two may just be a nuisance but what if exposure to unhealthy microbes were to cause more serious illness. To help reduce the risk of this, the school has chosen to apply BioCote’s antimicrobial technology to most surfaces in one of its classrooms to actively reduce levels of microbes, helping the room to stay fresh, clean and hygienic.

BioCote® silver ion technology is engineered to provide continuous, built-in protection on the products surface. It works by binding with microbes and damaging their cells in a number of ways, disrupting their normal functions and preventing them from reproducing.

SALTO’s local partner, Executive Security Oxford, has installed a Biocoated contactless XS4 E9650 handle set with an LE8P02 Lockcase and Strike Plate to control access to the classroom.

They were joined by a wide range of other products  protected with BioCote antimicrobial technology including: Decorative Panels, computer desks, Proform chairs, Electrium light switches, Deb soap dispensers, Rehau cable trunking, Electrium sockets, Proform and Decorative Panels tables and bookcases, Gratnells storage trays and units, Highgrade carpets, Contour Casings radiator covers, Miele window handles, HMG Paints paint, BioClad wall cladding and a Waterlogic water dispenser, all  provided by BioCote customers to create a safer, more hygienic learning environment. 
Levels of bacteria on the items of interest were measured over a period of time. Simultaneously, data was collected from comparable but untreated items in another classroom. Comparison of the levels of bacteria in these two classrooms revealed a dramatic difference.

Initial findings were impressive; the antimicrobial products in the protected classroom were shown to be over 95.68% less contaminated with bacteria than the corresponding items in the unprotected classroom.

David Hill, SALTO Systems Area Manager, says “This is an interesting project and certainly a first for us. The door handle is something everyone will touch on entering or leaving the room, so it plays a very important part in the total protection concept. The smart XS4 handle set gives the school a state-of-the-art electronic lock system that makes key control problems a thing of the past.

If necessary it can programmed to allow access to the classroom for selected periods only with the door locking at pre-specified times. This timed locking facility allows for automatic locking between lessons if required. And if key security is breached due to the loss or theft of a key, it can be instantly deleted from the system without the need or cost of changing any locks – saving the school time and money."

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